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Welcome to the Home Page of the
Piney Hills Amateur Radio Assoication

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The Piney Hills Amateur Radio Association is a

ARRL Affiliated Club

Piney Hills Amateur Radio Association

Dedicated to encouraging the enjoyment of our fine hobby

The Piney Hills Amateur Radio Association, " PHARA" is a non-profit corporation dedicated to "enjoying" the hobby of amateur radio and mentoring new "hams" 

in the Piney Hills Country of North Louisiana.  We meet on the first Thursday of each month in Ruston, LA 

at the Meeting Room of the Louisiana Center for the Blind's Meeting room at 101 S Trenton St. Ruston, La

Most members begin arriving at 6:00 PM to enjoy Pizza and social time while others come only for a 

visit and the meeting at 6:30 PM. If you are in the area make a call on either machine to find the location and come on down to join us. We are the Friendliest Ham Club In Louisiana!

Monday Night Net

We have a 2 meter “Emergency Training Net” each and every Monday night at 7:00 p.m. on 147.120 MHz 94.8 pl.


Club Meetings

Our club meetings are the first Thursday night of each month. At the Louisiana Center for the Blind, all are welcome!


101 South Trenton St., Ruston, LA


As a public service to the local Ham Community, the Piney Hills Amateur Radio Association host monthly testing sessions after our monthly club meeting.   We offer testing for all license classes.  Directions or talk-in, 147.120 MHz 94.8 pl.  Please contact our Contact VEs , Taylor Mack KD5ZJZ or Joe Holland KB5VJY (318-348-0153) . Our Club VE's Jerry Darnell AD5AQ at 318-255-5200,  James Christian W5JC, Charlie Edwards WC5K, Dean Kirby KG5HOO,  and Deryl Sullivan WD5GBD .


Membership dues now can be paid by PayPal. Student dues are $5.00 per year, Regular membership dues are $10.00 per year, and Family membership dues are $15.00 per year no mater how many hams are in the family.

Annual Membership Dues

Club Officers

President                                               Jerry W. Darnell AD5AQ  

Vice-President                                      Rex Schuttler  KI5BUE

Treasurer                                              Bob Moore KF5NQQ

Secretary                                              Joseph Holland KB5VJY


WC5K             147.120+ pl 94.8/94.8

KQ5T         444.350+


AD5AQ      Ruston Lincoln Parish     444.875+ pl 94.8 up and operational

W5HGT    Ruston Lincoln Parish     145.190-  pl 94.8 up and operational

W5JC         Bernice     147.075+  pl 127.3

W5JC         Bernice      145.330-  pl 127.3 

KC5DR  147.135+   pl 127.3 (Ouachita)  (Louisiana Delta Radio Club)

KC5DR 145.23 - pl 127.3 (Union Parish) (Louisiana Delta Radio Club) 

W5KGT      444.700

Joe Holland KB5VJY, Webmaster